Become a Jester's Court Member in 2018!

Ready to become a Jester's Court member? Membership is $120 and you'll enjoy these amazing benefits of the Court!

Member Benefits

  • FREE 12 oz. mug with Jester's Court logo (We'll keep your mug at The Tap Room so you don't have to remember it every time you visit us. Don't worry - we'll give it back to you at the end of this year's membership!)
  • Get a cool members only Jester's Court tee!
  • Jester's Court bottle opener!
  • Get 15% off all branded merchandise purchases!
  • Each month brings a new special offer voucher to your inbox!
  • First chance to buy beer releases (including special and seasonal releases) before they're available to the public!
  • Attend members only events at the brewery!
  • VIP access to Weyerbacher parties and events!
  • Join us for the Feast of Fools yearly members only party!
  • Receive 2 gifts from us each year - 1 for your birthday and 1 for Christmas!
Tee & bottle opener will be presented to members in June.

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